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Happy FriYAY Team!


How time flies! It is something we all say so often, and it isn't until we stop to reflect on where we are currently at, do we actually realize how far we have come!

On the 3rd October 2011, Multisport Gold had its 1st ever training session, with the 6th October 2011, the official date of the business registration.

In those 10 years, so much has happened within Multisport Gold. From the humble beginnings when there would only be 1 or 2 athletes showing up at sessions, and plenty of sessions  with no-one. To slowly but surely, grow from 4 to 8, to 10 to 20 athletes, to the Family we are today. 

During this time, there has been so many lifelong friendships made, so many events we have shared, crazy & funny times, the highs & lows of racing, the impact Covid has had on us more recently. However, nothing has stopped any of us from loving what we do & importantly, who we do it with. The bond each & every one of us has with each other is so very special. 

We also have to be so proud of our standing in the Community. Not only the local community, but the Triathlon & Local communities as well. The Multisport Gold Logo is well known wherever we go out training, adventuring & racing, our reputation is of such a high & valued standing. 

Sure, I do a lot of hard work behind the scenes and am the 'Driver of the Bus", but without the incredible passengers on this bus, we certainly wouldn't be going this strong after 10 incredible years.

A huge THANKYOU to all of our athletes, foundation, current & non current members for the memories, the culture & the diversity we represent.

Sunday afternoons celebration was so very special, to have 50 of us coming together to celebrate Multisport Gold is a show of how awesome the next 10 years are going to be. 

Thankyou. Thankyou for allowing me to share part of your life journey with each & every one of you. 


Over & out for today,



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Thanks Team!

Multisport Gold parkrun on tour Number 4

Multisport Gold parkrun on Tour N# 4 will see us venture to the very picturesque course at Surfers Paradise. Many of the Crew have participated on this course, a few loops around Evandale Lake, a few crossings of the new bridge, really does make it a very scenic course to run. This is a fast course, so bring out those speedy shoes!
We will finish with a swim in the Lake, saying Hello to Mr Fishy, then a stroll over the bridge for coffee & cake. Lets make this another morning of Multisport Gold Domination 


The Racing Buzz

A solid weekend of racing coming up for the Multisport Gold Crew around the traps this weekend. The training has been done guys, so now it really is your time to let it shine out there on course.

RABY BAY Tri - Rd 2 of the QTS Series with Jase, Sally & Sharyn on the start line.

SEQ TRAIL SERIES - Rd 1 at Ennoggera on Sunday. Should be a great series this year, with both Erin & Tim looking to retain their crowns! And Jesse is racing there as well, so have solid races out in the bush!! 

SUNNY COAST RUN FESTIVAL - We have our marathon girl having a hit out in the Marathon. Then Kate & Alli are both on the start line for the 1/2 marathon. 

Next Week's Training Schedule
  • Swim Squad at CAAC on Tuesday & Thursday. Please arrive by 5.20am as we will be starting at 5.30am sharp.
  • Track Tuesdays on the CAC PRIMARY OVAL.  Please arrive by 5.20pm to start the warm up at 5.30pm sharp.
  • Hills Thursday at Adidas Park starting at 5.30pm for an easy warmup jog.  
  • KOFFEE KMs Friday. Departing Highland  Reserve Roundabout at 5.15am and the M&L  Roundabout 5.20am. Destination is Paradise Point. 
  • Saturday AM swimming is NOT ON this week due to various races on locally. 
  • Sunday Long Rides are NOT ON this week due to various local races being on. Program athletes please follow your programs in your preparation for Noosa & beyond.
Check out details on Training Sessions here
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