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Happy FriYAY Team!


Christmas Day has come & gone, I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful day with family & loved ones. Whilst it is such a crazy busy time of the year, it was really special to see so many of the Multiport Gold Crew & families take time out at 7.00am to be on the start line at Coomera parkrun, celebrating Christmas Day, a healthy lifestyle, fitness & fun with each other. 

Today is New Years Eve, which means closing the chapter which is 2021, and opening a new one titled 2022. I know there is some people out there who set themselves New Years Resolutions, and if that is you, please make them realistic, attainable & something you can continue to stick to for the entire year! I don't set myself New Years Resolutions anymore, gone are the days when I'd write a list with things to improve upon, which usually went by the way-side by the end of January !! As I get older, I try to make improvements every day without setting myself 1 day in the Year to start. Each & every day we should be looking at being the best versions of ourselves. By the end of the year, I guarantee you'll be proud of the progress you make & the motivation gained along the way. 

I am looking forward to opening the new Chapter tilted 2022 with each & every one of, there is plenty of fun, laughter & goals for us all to achieve together. 


Happy New Year team!



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Thanks Team!

Covid 19 update
This week, correspondence was received from TQ and Qld Govt in relation to the easing of Covid-19 😷 restrictions as we continue towards a full return to play.
The sports of swim-bike-run, and our training venue of Coomera Aquatic Centre run by Rackleys swimming, have NO restrictions in place, therefore, any unvaccinated athletes are still able to attend sessions.
HOWEVER. As a coach, I do have a duty of care for all of our athletes, both vaccinated, and in particular, those who remain unvaccinated.
For those unvaccinated athletes, to protect yourself against Covid-19, it is recommended you maintain your social distancing at ALL times.
If you are unwell, with any flu-like symptoms at all, it is advised you get tested immediately & remain in iso until you receive your test results. 
We still must be vigilant when Checking In at each session with the QR code. It is advised that you have your vaccination certificate linked.
Those UNvaccinated athletes, please do not be offended, but it would be appreciated if you could advise me of your current status. This will assist in my duty of care for all squad athletes. This information will not be shared.
We will still be having our group coffee rides, post swimming coffee etc, as this is part of our culture and social enjoyment as a team. There will be restrictions in place for those unvaccinated athletes at most cafes and venues as you are well aware. Please do not be offended if we stop for coffee at venues you are not permitted.
The easing of restrictions are made possible because so many Queenslanders have made the choice to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is not just about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting those around you.
Multisport Gold parkrun on tour Number 5

Saturday 8th January

Multisport Gold parkrun on Tour N# 5 will see us venture to a new play ground for some of us, Varsity Lakes. The course is mainly flat, which means it will be fast! Running with the beautiful Lake Orr as the backdrop will make for a really picturesque course.
With so many weekends in December booked up with races & Events, we will leap forward into 2022 and kick off our Tour Series with something new & exciting!
For those who are keen for a post run recovery swim, we will head to Miami Aquatic Centre. Of course, after training we will head for coffee & breakfast πŸ™‚
Look forward to seeing our Multisport Gold bling out in force once again! 

Multisport Gold Club Champions Series

The 2021-22 Queensland Triathlon Series {QTS} is now well under way and this is going to be the series we centre our Multisport Gold Club Championship on.

For those who want to be part of this Club Champs series, a few points to comply with:

  • Your results MUST be input into the form to the right, after each event.
  • You MUST be a member of Triathlon Queensland & MultisportGOLD.
  • You MUST wear squad kit whilst racing.
  • You MUST be smiling in all racing photos (LoL!)

The athlete with the highest score for the Queensland Triathlon Series will be awarded MALE AND FEMALE CLUB CHAMPIONS. 

The Leader Board is updated after each race, so jump across to the Multisport Gold Website to see the current Leader Board. It is looking like 2 clear leaders already....

The Racing Buzz

With the Festive season upon, us, all racing does take a break over the coming weeks.

We do have the very popular NYE Wild Earth Resolution Run at Emerald Lakes. This is such a fabulous Festival, with an array of fun run distances, food trucks, entertainment and finishing with fireworks, it really is an enjoyable way to spend NYE! Enjoy your races to all those toeing start lines!

Sunday 9th January we have Robina Tri. This is always such a popular race for the Gold Coast tri community, and being Qld State Olympic distance champs, and a Worlds Qualifying race, it certainly will be action packed! If your not racing, why not come down & cheer on the Multisport Gold squad who will be represented across all distances!

Upcoming Training Schedule
  • Saturday NYD parkrun is ON at Coomera, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise & Paradise Point
  • Saturday swimming is ON on this week at the Pimpama Sports Hub starting at 9.00am in the 50m pool. This will be an easy, recovery swim. 
  • Sunday Long ride will be departing Ox Lake at 5.30am sharp. This is a strength ride, so we will be heading for the hills. 
  • Swim Squad starts up again on Tuesday 4th January at Coomera Anglican Aquatic Centre. Please arrive by 5.20am as we will be starting at 5.30am sharp.
  • Track starts up again on Tuesday 4th January at Coomera Colts. Please arrive by 5.20pm to start the warm up at 5.30pm sharp. 
  • Hills starts up again on Thursday 6th January at Adidas Park. Please arrive by 5.20pm to start the warm up at 5.30pm.  
  • KOFFEE KMs Friday is back! Departing Highland Reserve Roundabout at 5.15am and the M&L  Roundabout 5.20am. Destination is Paradise Point. 
Check out details on Training Sessions here
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