Your Goals

So that Multisport Gold can provide you with the coaching solution you require we will assess your training and coaching needs on the phone initially.

If you would like your needs assessed now please call us on 0417554295, or alternatively provide us with your details and we will call you within 24 hours. Following our phone conversation we will then seek further information on event goals, your training and racing history to identify your personal objectives. It’s vital that your current training regime, general fitness and ability level are reasonably in line with your “goal” event. Multisport Golds joining form is available for download and contains all the required information needed to begin your journey. This process concludes with the creation of your own unique fitness benchmarks. These benchmarks are used to track progress and provide you with a baseline which you can compare to your overall development.

From here, you will receive a detailed programme that will evolve with your training progression and be refined and honed as you start to respond to specific training targets. Across all our athletes, from beginners to advanced, one thing remains the same: all our programmes are built around the time-tested and successful principles of specific overload, recovery & adaptation.